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Save up to a full days steaming along the South African Coast

    Ocean Satellite Imaging Systems bring you the most recent satellite derived oceanic current identification and positioning possible. On the east and southern coasts of South Africa the Agulhas current flows at speeds of up to 7 knots, the current changes position, speed and character over several hours. The potential benefits of either using this current on the southward trip or avoiding it on the northern trip are huge.

    The use of the Agulhas current is presently a fairly unscientific process with the master of the vessel searching for the strongest flow by cutting across the flow till the strongest flow is detected (or missed) often entailing a fairly lengthy search with uncertain results. The use of our information will allow the ship sail directly in the most effective section of the current with no searching or wastage of time. On the northern trip the ship can sail out of the influence of the current avoid dangerous eddies and areas of potential "freak waves" thus saving time money and contributing to the safety of the vessel.

    We have our own fully equipped satellite acquisition station situated in one of the best reception areas for satellites in South Africa. We capture all satellite imagery relating to Southern African waters, numbering over 15 to 20 images per day! This allows us to select the most effective and recent image to supply to the end user, further on cloudy days this allows us to effectively de-cloud an image with no loss of data quality or integrity.

    Our coverage of the region stretches from 15W to 45E and from 15S to 60S, though the imagery is usually cropped to show usual shipping lanes, the currents affecting them and the important meteorological features.

    The subscriber will receive one image a day, timed for early morning (7 to 8 am depending on satellite orbits) covering the east and west coast, images are easily printable on an A4 format page directly from most e-mail programs, colour schemes are chosen so that there is no loss of data should the image be printed in black and white and faxed to the vessel. Should conditions be changing rapidly over the day (we monitor the ocean 24 hours a day) a further image will be sent in the late afternoon, the subscriber will normally be notified of this in the morning image.

    The images are derived from Infrared scanners flying on spacecraft from United States, Russia, China and the European Space Agency. The data is captured and processed to ensure navigation correctness, the various Infra red channels are processed independently then merged to display the important features for the user such as the currents, Cold fronts and coastal fog. All images are emailed to the subscriber, who is required to have a PC with e-mail. We will telephonically assist any subscriber with any interpretation difficulties or the requirement of specialized information.

    We are confident in our product and believe it will benefit the customer in significant savings of fuel, time and increased safety of the vessel at sea. For more information and sample charts please contact us on e-mail, phone +27 21 780 1021 or fax/voicemail +27 21 780 9041.