Marine Weather forecasting For the Fishing Industry

Weather forecasting plays a number of very important roles within the fishing industry, saftey, being the foremost concern to us. Over the last 6 years, 208 fisherman have died in South African waters and many of these deaths could have been prevented with the intelligent use of accurate weather information.

Accurate weather information can improve your fishing and saftey in the following ways:

1.) Can prevent the number of unsafe trips taken by the crew.
2.) Allow skippers and crew to plan ahead when conditions are rough or the boat is a number of days from port.

3.) Reduce wear and tear on gear, reducing failure risks and maintanence costs.

4.) Save on fuel costs by preventing lost fishing trips due to rough seas.

New legislation being promulgated will necessitate the insurance of the lives of the crew, the usage of accurate forecasts will lead to lower premiums.

Weather forecasts are generated from the NOAA WaveWatch III model and NCEP gfs (medium range forecast) model, which provide the most accurate forecasts for the Southern Hemisphere region.

The raw model data is downloaded daily and processed according to empirical models run by us to tailor the final forecast to local conditions. Two main types of forecast are generated, a graphical output for large forecast areas and a text based forecast for fixed positions, all important variables are given, ie wind speed direction, swell height, direction, period, rainfall,humidity and barometric pressure.

Our forecasts have been tried and tested operationally and have been proven to be among the best available under many different conditions. Hindcasts can also be provided where it is necessary to determine weather conditions historically.

Graphical Forecast       Text Forecast

Graphical Forecast  Text Forecast