Climate change has become the single largest challenge mankind has ever faced, its effects so far reaching that our existence as we know it may be under threat in the long term and in the short term our way of life will have to change rapidly to exist in our changing environment.
    While there remains a fast diminishing group of denialists the collaborative work of over 6000 scientists was summarized in the 2007 IPCC climate change report and it unequivocally states that the worlds climate is changing due to human activity.

   Most organizations, companies etc. have at best a fragmented and incomplete understanding of climate change and its likely impacts upon their operations. The reality of the situation is that climate change will have a real and profound impact upon every persons existence on earth within a few years, if the impacts are not quantified early and planned for the impacts will be far more significant.

    OSIS is developing a Climate and Climate change support base for organizations NGO's and individuals to mitigate the effects of climate change. The process follows in depth consultation with key individuals/groups within an organization  to ascertain the vulnerability of the organization to the effects of climate change. Once the vulnerabilities are established OSIS will consult further to assist the client to develop mitigationary strategies to minimize the short and long term effects of Climate change.